Updating our homes usually creates images of messy plasterers, busy builders, hardworking painters and decorators and the whole household being put out of sync for weeks and weeks – or even months on end!

Not only that, many of us don’t always have the budget needed to make huge changes to our living spaces, let alone putting the kitchen or bathroom out of use for days!

So, if like me, you’re a busy parent and you’ve got more important things to be doing then supervising the joiners, painters and electricians then this list of quick and easy home updates is perfect for you!

The bathroom

The bathroom is often neglected when it comes to home improvements – it sees a lot of action and daily footfall, so it’s pretty easy to see why! But did you know that you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive bathroom suites or stunning stand-alone baths to create a new look? Or just add a little freshness?

Something as simple as updating your toilet seat can actually catapult your bathroom into this decade. Whether you go for something bright and quirky or something more traditional – a new toilet seat will always be a welcome addition to the family bathroom! Find a company with a diverse toilet seat range and you’re one step closer to a fresh new look.

And don’t stop there! If your shower head has seen better days, then replace it with a new one. A new soap dispenser, soap dish or loo roll holder is another great place to start. Or create a bit of a spa feel and introduce a leafy green plant into the room – it’ll thrive in the humidity!

Create a warm welcome

When you arrive back home from work of the school run, we always seem to look past our front door. But if yours is looking a little tired, why not spruce it up with a bright, happy colour instead? Bright yellow, red, even blue is very popular with new build properties.

You can find paint specifically created for the use of front doors at any good hardware shop. It’ll only take a few coats and it can be done within a weekend. Not only will you be even more pleased to see your front door at the end of a busy day – but be the envy of your neighbours!

Reposition your furniture

We’re all creatures of habit – and that includes the position of furniture in our rooms. It’s amazing the space you can create or the way a room can completely change if you move you bed to the other end of the room, if you swap a cabinet in the dining room for the one in the lounge – the possibilities here are endless.

And to complement your new looks? Add a few rugs here and there, swap those accessories around and make your home feel loved again. You may need help for this, so get your friends and family involved too if it makes it easier!