When I went to my 2 year well visit my doctor mentioned it was time to start “introducing” the potty. She said this AFTER asking me if my son has been showing any interest, or if he was already using the potty. To this I had to laugh. I told her we were nowhere close to being ready to use the potty. At this point if I know that he pooped, and I ask him if he poops he will look me in the eye and tell me NO! Come on kid…I just watched you grunt one out on the corner. Don’t lie to me! Anyway…she told me it was time to start talking about it, so that is what we are going to do. And to do that we were lucky enough to get to try the Kolcraft Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Chair…and I can’t wait!

Ok, I take that back…I can wait. I am really not looking forward to potty training at all, but it has to be done someday right? And to try to get my son interested in the potty what better way then to have a potty with Elmo on it? Not to mention one that talks to you when you flush it! The Kolcraft Sesame Street ® Elmo Adventure Potty Chair with adult seat adapter resembles a real toilet to help the child’s transition to an adult toilet easier.

Elmo POtty Chair Key Features

  • Resembles real toilet with flush handle helping child’s transition to an adult toilet.
  • The seat adapter removes easily for use on most adult toilets.
  • Flush handle with encouraging Elmo phrases and flush sounds.
  • The waste cup removes easily for disposal and quick cleaning.
  • Aquarium lenticular label inside tank for 3D effect.

It is so cute an adorable! The moment I took it out of the box my son wanted to sit on it. He also wanted to move it from room to room, as well as sit on it to watch TV, but it’s a start right? See how happy he is?

One of my favorite things is the seat adapter which can be used on most adult toilets. It really makes the seat multifunctional because I know that eventually I want to sit him right on the potty…and the adult seat can be too big for his little tushy. This way, I don’t have to buy another seat adapter!

I have a feeling the only way I am going to survive potty training is to make it as fun as possible and this potty seems to do the trick. What kid doesn’t love Elmo…and what kid wouldn’t want Elmo to cheer for him every time he flushes?

I know the time will come when I have to get serious about the potty but for now we are enjoying just “talking” about it. This chair will make an easy transition from fun living room seat toy….to real big boy potty training…to sitting on the big potty. We have so much to look forward to!