candy hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope those of you who care celebrate are enjoying your day with wonderful thoughts of love and happiness. For me Valentine’s Day is more than just a made up Hallmark holiday. For me, it represents a the beginning of a long journey. February 14th, 2000 was the day that Captain Awesome and I went on our first date. Every year since then we have returned to the same restaurant on Valentine’s Day. It even was the date and place The Captain proposed to me. So as you can see, today has so much meaning.

I can still remember how nervous I was on that first Valentine’s day. I remember him being shocked (and bummed) about me not liking Calamari for an appetizer, and I remember being terrified of getting the green parsley in my teeth. That wouldn’t have been an attractive start to our date. The following year we went back to the same restaurant, and we could never even imagine then that the tradition would continue for years to come.

I never believed he would propose on Valentine’s Day. I hoped because let’s face it…he waited WAY too long to do so (as anyone in my life can attest to!). The engagement ring was in our dessert and he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so happy that day…to be honest, since that day I can honestly say I felt at ease. I knew my purpose. I would be the wife of Captain Awesome and eventually I would be a mom. Simple as that, and the ring began that new chapter in my life.

It’s funny because joke we don’t even LOVE the restaurant. It’s more Northern Italian which we don’t love, and there isn’t one thing on the menu we just HAVE to have, but at this point how do you break tradition? How do you not return to a place that has so many great memories? After 13 Valentine’s days it certainly has a ton of them!

I was looking back on some old Valentine’s Day posts and realized the last few Valentine’s days have been less than thrilling….last year my son had Roseola so we stayed home (don’t worry we went to our restaurant another day!). The year before that we had a newborn and I was so exhausted we just ordered in (from our restaurant of course!). And the year before that was the worst because it was the original due date of our first angel baby (February 13th was our original due date. Here is the Valentine’s Day and Loss post). That year was especially tough. Now this year we suffered a loss again. Only this year I want to take the opportunity to have a happy memory with my husband. I want to enjoy his company and be happy.


So many people will say…it’s just a Hallmark holiday…we go out all the time so why go out today to celebrate? I say…when it comes to marriage it’s important to take any opportunity to bring romance in. Especially when you have kids because those “date nights” get less and less. So I say take the excuse and go out. Or stay in…but take a moment to say I love you. Life moves so fast and I think we forget. So yes…I do like Valentine’s day for so many reasons. It’s a day that brings me happiness and these days I need it.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What will you be doing to celebrate?