I need a food intervention. There I said it. I need one badly! My problem isn’t the quantity that I eat, it’s WHAT I eat, and it’s not good. I tried a food revolution, back in 2010, and although I still try to eat organic/grass fed in my meat and dairy, I still eat a TON of processed food. It’s not good. What’s worse, is that I weigh more than I did before I had our little man. It was hard to step on the scale and see that number. I bowed my head in shame and vowed to make a change in my daily eating habits.

My Food Intervention

People may look at me and say “you are too skinny to diet”.

1. Although I have skinny arms and legs, my gut is my problem area.

2. It’s not about a “diet” per say, it’s about making better choices. Weight Watchers worked for me before, and I am hoping that it works for me again.

I got a head of myself there. Yes, the method I am choosing is Weight Watchers. I had a ton of success with it before our wedding, so I am turning to it again. The only way for me to do this is to be in 100% and be ALL IN. That means for a little while not a french fry will these lips touch. I am working with their online tool even though the weekly weigh ins worked so well for me last time. I am hoping I can keep track of things myself. We’ll see!

Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels

One way to get me through this to remember that I actually do like the healthy foods that I need to choose. A bagel with cream cheese for breakfast is good, but I also can enjoy egg whites on an english muffin with ketchup and still be happy. The hardest thing for me is making that choice, but I think I am up for the challenge.

Bottom line? This girl needs to make better food choices. I do very well at serving my son healthy foods, but I don’t do the same for myself. I think Captain Awesome will get some benefits too, but he has chosen not to join me on this “diet” (although…I think he should reconsider!).

So wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted! I am never one to step on a scale, but’s back out in our bathroom so that I can keep track. It’s not totally about the weight for me. I don’t weigh a lot (no, I’m not bragging). It’s about feeling better, and taking care of my body. I’m not getting any younger you know!

What weight loss suggestions do you have?

Any good recipes you’d like to share?