Ahhhhhhhhh…..that scream is me screaming from frustration. How is it possible that my son has figured out how to jump out of his crib? How is it possible that because of this new trick we have made his crib a toddler bed? How is my baby little boy in a semi big boy bed so soon? As you can tell I am very uneasy about it all. He has made a decision for me way before I was ready. I am sure this won’t be the last time, but woah…..slow your roll kid!

My Toddler Has Escaped From The Crib

Last week The Captain and I were asleep in our room. I heard my son get up and call for us, but he seemed content so I drifted in and out of a sleep for a while. Then the moment came that I dreaded. I opened my eyes to find my son running into my room. He looked at me and yelled “down!”. It was like he was thinking…”don’t you guys hear me??”. I gasped and woke up Captain Awesome. How is this possible? We hoped it was just a fluke, and that he would forget. Nope! That night he easily jumped out 3 more times. It was no longer safe to keep him in the crib. We had to adjust and make his bed a toddler bed.

It always takes me a long time to make a change in my sons routines. I have to think a lot about it, figure out how I want to proceed, and finally make my move. It was weeks before I was ready to pump because the pump freaked me out. Same applied to starting food. I talked about it for a while before finally making the leap. Ending the breastfeeding? Forget about it! I knew the date in my mind, but dreaded it and moved the date to suit me. Every change was thought out….but not this one.

I am having trouble wrapping my head around it all. Is my son really out of his crib? Does he really have freedom in his room? I feel like this is the first milestone I really haven’t been looking forward do. The first smile?? Yay! crawling? yippeee…..but the first time my son runs into my room and yells down? Not one of the moments I was looking for, and definitely not at almost 21 months. I am just not ready.

So much has changed in a few short days. My son who has been a wonderful sleeper is no longer one. He screams and cries when I leave, ends up sleeping on the floor in his room. I went out of town so I haven’t fully attempted our new sleep training routine, but so far I am laying with him till he falls asleep. I can’t do that forever. So now what?

How do I get on board emotionally? How do I get him to get on board to this new routine emotionally? We both didn’t have time to plan this, and I am at a loss.

How do I make this go smoothly? Tough love? Cry it out?

What worked for you? Help a girl out!