Now that the sex has been determined, and we got the go ahead from the doctor, it’s time to start making all the big decisions that come along with getting ready for baby Pooh Bear. I am told that one part that could take the longest is ordering the furniture, so I figured that’s where we would start. Once the furniture set is decided, we can then go on to plan the rest of the room. So this begins the drama of choosing a nursery bedroom set. Captain Awesome and I did a quick overall search of cribs at a local store that comes very high recommended. After this first visit I left completely overwhelmed. So many colors and choices! Not only do I have to pick a nursery, but now the sets all convert to a full bed which would then act as my child’s bedroom suit in the future. How can one anticipate what my child will want in the future?? So thus began our journey.

After the first once over with The Captain, I thought that I liked a natural colored bedroom set. It looked so soft and child like. Perfect for a boy, or a girl (should one come in the future). But what about the fact that the bed is supposed to then convert to the full bed? I’m not a fan of the natural for my older boys bedroom…so now what? The dark wood is all the rage these days, and although I think it’s beautiful I have to ask is it child like? Sometimes I feel it just looks too old looking.

While The Captain was away for the weekend my mom came into town and we took another look at the furniture. This time I wanted to talk price. Before even stepping into a store I never believed I would care so much about the furniture set. My first ideas were that it’s a nursery that will be used for 2 or so years, and then will go into the attic till baby number 2. So I didn’t want to spend too much. BUT, once I went into the stores and saw what I wanted, my tastes went up a bit. No I’m not proud of this, but that’s what I get for even going into these stores! Trust me when I say that I don’t think I’m going overboard by any means, but could I go less expensive?? Sure! But sometimes I think it’s important to think quality…so I’m going that route. After looking with my mom she made me aware that her and my dad would be paying for our entire bedroom set! I was shocked since I knew she offered to pay for the crib, but the whole set was really above and beyond the call of duty. But we are truly appreciative of the help, and it really will help us with all we will have to pay for with this little boy on the way. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

So where did I look?? First we looked at Behrs which is a locally owned store in Long Island. It has a good reputation and is even mentioned in the newest edition of the Baby Bargains book. Here I found 3 sets I really liked. (2 different colors of course!) We looked at Buy Buy Baby. Here I originally thought would be a good option. I found that the cribs were similar in price to those at Behrs, but the additional pieces were less. To me I could tell the difference in the quality, and I decided that I wanted to go to a ” baby furniture specific” type store. So finally we went to Bellini, which I thought would be WAY out of our price range, since they boast Italian furniture, but in the end, all included, the pricing was rather similar. Here I found a 3rd color set that I liked. Plus I LOVE the changing table at Bellini. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else! (but I must remember not to buy a set for the changing table only)

So in the end I have it narrowed down to 4 sets! One is a Munire Set (in natural, I am amazed at how many sets don’t come in the natural!!), one is a Creations Set (in an English Walnut, beautiful for a baby boy. This one comes with a toddler bed conversion), one is a Stanley Young America Set (couldn’t find a pic, but this would be in Natural), and the last is from Bellini (this set I like in Mahogony which is like a cherry). I really was hoping to find a set NOT made in China. But according to my Baby Bargains book Creations is made in China, Munire Indonesia, Stanley from the USA, and Bellini from Italy/Canada. But my friend who ordered from Bellini said the boxes the furniture came in said “made in China” so this makes me nervous. Definitely worth asking about.

Do I think I’m getting caught up a bit? Sure! But after some research I am really beginning to look at this nursery as something that can/will grow with our baby. Any of the sets I am looking at will make a great first bedroom set for our boy. I am trying not to worry too much about wondering if our son will even WANT the set. But I am thinking a 2 or 3 year old shouldn’t get a say! One could go crazy worrying about what MIGHT happen in the for now we will pick a set that mommy and daddy likes. Then go from there. Next step? Bring in Captain Awesome so we can make the final decision together.