I am an extremely proud big sister…my little brother has done what most people only talk about doing…he followed his dreams and opened up a used book store! Blind Willow Book Shop is now open for business!!!

I am not exactly sure when this dream started, but I do know that he has always been a very avid reader. Not the normal best seller books either. He reads just about EVERYTHING and that includes trying to tackle books like the Iliad, the Odyssey, and Moby Dick. I know I certainly couldn’t read those types of books. So he has taken his love of books and transformed it into a store FILLED with used books that encompass many topics, and even include a rare book section that some book collectors could find very interesting. I am told the most rare book in the store is a First Edition of U.S. Grant’s memoirs…sounds like a pretty good find to me!

My brother did not take this task on alone. He has partnered himself with one of his best friends Kyle. Matt and Kyle bring varying areas of expertise, and together I think they will create a very interesting niche market for themselves. Not only will there be books, but they plan to feature local bands, poets and artists in the store.

I always joke with my brother because he pretty much turns his nose up at the types of books I read. (But a small victory was mine when I saw he had a copy of Twilight on the shelves!) Although they carry some mainstream books, I find the majority of the books to be of  a different variety. Him and his partner have very specific ideas of what they want this store to be and they truly have created that with homemade shelves, cozy couches, and coffee for your enjoyment. It is the perfect place for all book lovers to come and enjoy books like they were meant to be enjoyed. It’s a place from the days before stores such as Borders and Barnes and Nobel. A perfect fit for the town of Emmaus, Pennsylvania.


A lot of people ask me why Blind Willow…well Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman is a book of short stories written by the Japanese author Haruki Murakami, and this particular author is one of their favorites…therefore the name Blind Willow Bookshop was given.

This post is not only for those that live in Emmaus PA. Blind Willow Bookshop is also online! You can search their inventory through their website and they will have the book shipped to you! If you are in the area, you can find out about upcoming events on their facebook fan page. (Become a Fan!!) What’s not on the page is that this Friday is their Ribbon Cutting ceremony at 11: 00 am with the town Chamber of Commerce. My little brother is going to be featured in a newspaper! (wait a minute I’ve never been featured in the newspaper..what’s up with that??)

I wish them, and the Blind Willow Book Shop nothing but the most success. It’s not often one gets to do what they love and are passionate about for a living. So whether it’s in the store or online please check them out!

Blind Willow Bookshop
412 Chestnut Street
Emmaus, PA 18049