Growing up I never felt like a worrier…Maybe others would say differently, but I never thought of myself that way. As time goes on I have noticed little things that get me stressed out. Stupid things, but I can’t seem to control my brain enough to stop myself from worrying. I think I am becoming neurotic!

It’s always easy for me to look at others and say “man is he/she being crazy”, but now as I look at myself I am beginning to see some signs. One of the major signs of things to come is my Grandma. She is a wonderful lady and I love her to death, but I am beginning to look at her beyond the eyes of a grandchild who only sees hugs, and kisses and wonderful baked goods…and am now seeing the genetic make up behind it, and what traits I may get from her. To put it simply she’s a worry wart! Her head is constantly running…she thinks all the time and sometimes even the silliest things will cause her not to sleep. Now this doesn’t stop with my Grandma…my mom is also this way. The difference between her and me is that we both worry about totally different things, so for years I would just say to her “mom just stop worrying!”. But now I see that is a little easier said than done!

 The Captain has always said that “All women are crazy…it’s just each one is at a different level of crazy and men find the woman who’s craziness they can tolerate”. ( I know! How rude is that!) So what level of crazy am I? (people who know me no need to answer…) What do I find myself being neurotic about? Plans (plans that are out of my control)…transportation (traffic, and will I get home when I want)…I think those are the two main issues for me.  Put as those two small words it doesn’t sound so bad…but they encompass a lot of things. And you know what? I think it’s only bound to get worse.

I think the main theme of the neurosis is control. The first step is admitting there is a problem right? How bad will it get? I don’t know….maybe it will lessen with each generation??…I guess The Captain has a lot to look forward to!