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wedding shower and I think it’s about time to evaluate the items that I use the most, and share this with others who may be in the process of registering, or even buying items for their household.

I will put these items in no particular order. I am linking the pictures to the bed bath and beyond website so you can see more information about them if you are interested. I am not necessarily recommending these “brands”, but they are the ones that I am currently using and they are working great.

Useful Wedding Registry Items:

1: The Cuisinart Compact 4 slice toaster Since starting Weight Watchers over a year ago I find myself eating toast for breakfast every day, therefore it seems that this item has proved to be very useful. I chose a toaster over a toaster oven because I feel like it toasts it better, not to mention the minimal counter space it uses up.

2: Cuisinart™ Griddler™ with Removable Plates This item’s usefulness has just come about. We live in a townhome in which we can’t grill, and therefore I never even attempted to buy any steaks. Once I gave it a try I realized what I was missing! It’s compact and fits in a cupboard and is very powerful. It grills up steaks in minutes and they are very tasty! I haven’t really tried the panini press yet, but I did just buy turkey and swiss and I think I will give that a try tomorrow! When I have a family I look forward to cooking pancakes for them on it

3: KitchenAid® 7-Quart Slow CookerI am a huge fan of the crock pot! If you can plan ahead a day in advance and have all the ingredients this little guy can make your life a lot easier! For example I

want a roast…So in the AM I put the roast in the crock pot with the potatoes and carrots and Voila! Dinner is ready when you get home from work! I personally want to get a smaller one so that I can cook things like appetizers and such. This big one is great for a family. There are tons of recipes to be used here!

4: Pizza Stone You might be like me and ask “what the heck is a pizza stone?!” Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the only one. I had no idea what this wonderful little contraption was until my mom recommend I register for one. Wikipedia defines a pizza stone as…


A pizza stone is a flat stone or piece of ceramic or earthenware used to evenly distribute oven heat to pizzas or other baked goods, more or less mimicking the effects of cooking a pizza in a masonry oven. The thermal mass and porous nature of the stone used also helps absorb moisture, resulting in a crisp crust.

It really does just that. If you have frozen pizza you can cook it on the stone and it makes the crust all nice and crispy. I use it all the time to bake my cookies. It cooks them perfectly! It has many uses and this is why I find it a necessary staple for cooking/baking.

5: Towels/Guest Towels I don’t care if you have sets already I think it’s important to register for towels. I knew that I wanted a nice set of towels, but one of the greatest things I did was register for “Guest towels”. I have them on a shelf in the bathroom and when I have  house guests, they know where they are and are welcome to use them when they shower. I feel like it makes people comfortable to know that they are there, and that they have their own to use. It helps since my family is from out of town, so when they stay there is enough there for them to use.

6: AeroBed:This is one of the items on my registry that I did not get. I know this post is supposed to be about items that I got and have used, but I feel this is something that people don’t think about. Whether you have 1 bedroom or 5, it seems that people at some point in their lives will have houseguests that outnumber their rooms. This would make them comfortable, and wont’ take up too much space. It’s something I would like to get in the future.

7: iRobot® Roomba® Vacuum This I received from “Santa” at Christmas. It was an item that I did not get from my registry (due to it’s expensive price tag) but I feel like it is one of the items I was most excited to get! Others doubted that it would actually work like it is supposed to, but I can attest that “Rosie” (I named the Roomba) does her job extremely well. Mind you, it is not meant for the big jobs. Rosie works best as a maintenance girl. I run her pretty much daily and she makes the carpets look nice and freshly vacuumed. I love sitting upstairs working and knowing that someone/something else is doing the vacuuming.

8:  Shark Steam Mop This is great for my minimal uncarpeted areas. I have linoleum in my bathrooms and kitchen and a small patch of tile in front of my door. This works much better than the Swiffer Wet Jet or even a real mop. Since the mopping area is so small there is no need for the bucket and mess a real mop makes.

9:  Good China I am so happy that I chose to register for my good china. It was something I thought a lot about and was happy that I chose to go with a middle of the road set. It is not bone china, but that runs for almost $100/place setting on average. In my opinion that wasn’t a present I would receive at my shower due to the hefty price tag. That price is more of a wedding gift. I registered for Mikasa Cameo platinum set and my mom bought me most of the settings. This was more around the range of $40 a set and I thought it was a price that would allow me to get the whole 12 sets I wanted. I love dinner parties (as you can see in my previous posts) and I get excited to set a nice table. It is something I will always have and I can remember I got it for my wedding shower.

I’d love for you to share you favorite home items that you use. I am always open to new ideas.  These above items are just a few that stand out in my daily routine, and I hope some of you find this helpful.