This past weekend was one of my best friends Bachelorette Parties! She is an amazing person and I was so excited to have a night out with the girls and party like rock stars! And party like rock stars we did! Growing up my parents used to use two sayings….the first being “If you want to play you’ve gotta pay”, and the second being “if you want to soar with the Eagles in the Morning you can’t hoot with the owls at night”…well these sayings never meant much to me before since my 18-24 year old body was able to handle the parties…but now, at almost 29 I wake up after a late night….groan…and wonder why I can never remember that I am no longer 21 years old!

I’m not sure I’ll ever totally get that my body can’t handle parties like it used to. I certainly have had many lessons over that past 8 years post college. I say the lessons began post college because in college most of my classes started at 2:55 so I was able to sleep till at least noon daily! Now, I am a responsible adult, and wake up for work every morning, being tired all day long certainly isn’t worth it.

For my friend’s bachelorette party we took a limo into Manhattan, had a wonderful dinner at a place called Providence where we had a three course meal plus open bar for two hours for $85…not bad! We then went to a club called Citrine . There, we got a table and had bottle service. This means that for an exhorbanent price we got a little block table and 3 bottles of liquor, and were squished next to another table where people feel it’s ok to push you. But that’s how they roll in Manhattan! The  music was great and we all had a great time!

Another dilemma is that when going out I find that my group of friends is on the older side of the spectrum at the places we go. This is kind of sad, but I guess that happens when you go to the same places since you were 21 (or a little younger sometimes in some cases) For example at Citrine the average age was about 23 years old. I know that because the girl at the table next to us was celebrating her 24th birthday with like 30 of her closest friends who enjoyed pushing themselves into our group the whole time. I found myself being annoyed until I realized that I was once that obnoxious 24 year old! My husband and guy friends LOVE the younger folk, but I just feel old!

Saturday night (well I guess Sunday) we arrived home at 3:30 am….I was lucky enough to be able to sleep till after 11, but someday when little ones come our way I no longer will have that luxury…so for now I will embrace my youth and enjoy it…even though sometimes enjoying life means I wake up wishing that the night before never happened!