Oh ya that’s right folks! This past weekend my husband and I hosted an 80’s party! I have been wanting to do it for so long, since I love all things 80’s and I finally got it done! I was so happy with the turnout and how excited people got about dressing up in all 80’s gear! Thank you friends!

I was amazed at how the fashion right now is so 80’s! I could’ve went crazy buying 80’s inspired items at mainstream stores, but I wanted to be thrifty so I refrained as much as possible…but man did I want to buy the leggings, hot pink high tops, and fingerless gloves that I found. Instead, I started my hunt for my outfit at the thrift store. I found a great hot pink sweatshirt that I knew would be perfect. It was only $1.50!  I will be honest and admit that I owned white leggings and some hot pink, kitten heel, peep toe pumps…so what? whatever!….To add to my outfit I bought some pink hair extensions, slap bracelets (can you believe they sell them at Claire’s for $3.50 a piece? Weren’t they like $1 back in the day?), hot pink hoop earrings, and some neon plastic bracelets. I thought I looked pretty 80’s, but I gotta tell you that some guests really went above and beyond!

For my husband we took inspiration from Miami Vice. You can’t go wrong with a little Don Johnson right? So at the thrift store I found a white blazer. With that we added a light blue short sleeved shirt, slicked back gelled hair, and some light, tight rolled jeans and sneakers.

On the appetizer menu was the following. I didn’t go all out for this party because it was by no means a sophisticated event. I knew that the alcohol would outshine the food.

  1. 1: BBQ Meatballs (cooked in the crock pot)
  2. 2: Spinach Dip in a bread bowl
  3. 3: Buffalo Chicken Dip
  4. 4: Cupcakes
  5. 5: Popcorn puffs (like rice krispy treats with popcorn instead of rice krispys)
  6. 6: Peanut butter cup cookies
  7. Chips and Salsa
  8. Pretzels
  9. Onion Dip and potato chips

One friend supplied the cheese and crackers and my sister in law made Jack Daniels Kielbasa. Thanks girls! When we host a party we normally ask guests to bring alcohol. Our friends are big partiers and we’d go broke keeping enough beer….so this works for us.

On top of all that I hunted down some old school 80’s candy. We had pop rocks, fun dip, candy bracelets/necklaces, candy rings, push pops and whistle pops. They were a hit! To top it all of I made all 80’s CD’s so we had the tunes to go with the outfits. It helped to get a dance party going later in the evening. I mean how could you not dance to Debbie Gibson, Poison, and New Kids on the Block??

So my first 80’s party was a success. Maybe I will keep with the theme and do decade inspired parties in the future…hmmm what should I go with next?