I have been preparing for the big 3 0 for a while now, but that still doesn’t help much with the shock of the fact that they day is finally here. I know that age is but an number, but you do have to admit that 30 is a big milestone. I am not one to have a big to do about my birthday every year. I like to acknowledge it, and sometimes go out to celebrate, but this year I was pretty excited to recognize the big day.

I did not want a big party because I thought it to be a huge waste of money. I certainly did not need to pay for my friends to get drunk. Especially when I myself could not indulge. I was very happy to go on our Sarasota vacation to celebrate the big event along with our anniversary. I have been thinking about how I want to say goodbye to my 20’s, and the only thing that really popped into my head was to go out and party with wine, martinis and beers to relive the decade as it had been….a very long party! But since I’m preggers that will not be happening any time soon, so I am left to reflect on the decade that was, and to think ahead to the years that will be. I do not know the future, but I am sensing it will be so much different than my 20’s.

I wrote a post as an Ode to my 20’s last June. I called them my transition years, because I did a lot of growing up during those years. So much has changed from when I turned 20. It’s insane to really think about it. I had to go from a dependent girl to an independent woman, to a wife. Now, looking ahead, it seems that my new role in my 30’s will be that of mother. I have heard that your 30’s are a time to define yourself. I can see where that would be. I spent so much of my 20’s trying to figure things out, and alot of that time was spent a little lost. Now, I have found my true partner in life (Captain Awesome of course), and am ready to build our life together as a team.

People keep telling me…enjoy your time while you can, once you have kids life changes so much. And I get that…I do. But I gotta tell you I’ve spent my 20’s “living my life”. I have traveled all over the world, I regularly sleep late, I have partied like a rock star (probably too much), I have stayed up way too late for no good reason, and I enjoyed all of it. I look forward to the new journies ahead, and the changes they will bring.  

I am ready to welcome my 30’s with open arms. I am truly excited to find what they have in store for me. So…So long and farewell to my 20’s. You have treated me well, but it’s time for a new chapter. Today, I am 30 years old!!!