Yesterday was a rainy St. Patrick’s Day morning. I found my son staring out our bay window crying saying how hard it was to be alone. I gave him a hug and told him how much I understood. It is hard, but as I hugged him I really wanted to tell him how thankful we all should be. I reminded him some, but didn’t really want to tell him how bad it can get. As I do with most things I didn’t want to put the weight of the world on his shoulders. He doesn’t need to know all the scary. It’s bad enough that he needs to worry about this virus at all.

It’s a funny world where we all are staying home and waving to our neighbors from 6′ a part. A great part of the day is when we look out the window and see people we know. Sometimes we even run out and join them in their walk for a moment to have some sort of interaction. The kids get to laugh and ride/walk, and I get someone to chat with. Other than a few moments of tears, Christian is doing well. His best friend lives across the street and although we keep their interaction outside he gets to play basketball and football and run around with his friend. Luckily Tessa is so easygoing and happy to hang with me that she doesn’t complain too much. I’m happy to play her companion for the duration….well at least for now!

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday and what normally is a day of drinks and shenanigans was now our family listening to Irish music and I served my dad’s Irish beef stew. It was a rainy morning, but for a bit in the afternoon the sun came out and as a family we took a long walk. The neighborhood woke up and everyone stepped out for a bit. It’s funny how necessary the fresh air was!

Today we decided it was time for Tessa to ride a two wheeled bike. I wasn’t sure how it would go but I should’ve known. My girl took to it almost instantly. She rode and rode all day. Thank goodness for the sun. It was so theraputic. We all were outside most of the day. My leftover stew even fed a few passing neighbors who ate in plastic bowls on our lawn (6′ apart! lol)

There is rain in the forcast for tomorrow but today was good. Today we laughed, today my girl learned to ride her bike with two wheels (do I really have all my kids on a two wheeler??? I will emotionally deal with that later) Today I even jumped in a game of knock out with my boy and his friends.

If we are to look on the bright side of things, then today showed me some good times with the family. Family walks keep us happy and allows us to wave to others from afar. I met and spoke to more neighbors then I have met since we moved in in August…..kind of neat right?

We still have a long way to go…..but today was good.