My Son and Freddie the Falcon


Dear Christian,

I can’t believe that it was about this time one year ago when your mom (a/k/a The Wife) said the scariest words I have ever heard in my life “My Water Just Broke!”  I proceeded to act like a stereotypical male running around packing bags and getting dressed when she informed me we had hours till we left for the hospital and I should try to get some sleep.  Somehow I went back to bed, but when I woke up it was on! Or so we thought.

We rushed to the hospital only to find out we had an estimated 10 hours to go.  Your mom is generally a wuss so what she thought was the middle was only the beginning.  It actually took a brief 17 hours from start to finish!  Boy was I tired walking around that hospital and worrying, but for some reason I didn’t get much sympathy.

Prior to having you in my life I hated when people said, “when you have a child you’ll understand” or “things will be different when you have a kid.”  It infuriated me to think I couldn’t empathize with someone just because you weren’t born yet.  It sucks to admit it “they” were right.  Having you come into my life has completely changed it.

As anyone in my life with testify, I am not a morning person, prior to you being born I contemplated suicide ever morning as I usually only sleep a terrible 5 to 6 hours a night.  However, when your mom brings you into see me as I am getting ready for work brings a joy to my heart I never had before.  While on that subject, you started this new thing where you will cry when I leave for work, yeah that doesn’t kill me or anything! Come on buddy!

It doesn’t matter how tired (or cough cough hung over) I might be you make me smile just from you being you.  Since you were born I have a drive to be home more.  I plan my day around the fact that I get an hour or two with you in the evening and that time is like gold to me.  While I sometimes miss it, I try not to.  During this time we just “play”, boy do we play!  I try to read to you but at this point you are more interested in eating and generally breaking the books that fill your room.

Despite seemingly just flying around (jesus do you whip around our townhouse) you actually remember where you put your toys and even if you put them inside your toy truck.  For some reason that type of memory on such a small child amazes me.  It is very important to me that you learn sign language so you can communicate with your Uncle Chris and I am proud to say that despite not speaking yet you can tell us when you want to eat, when you are finished and you are starting to pick up how to say that you want milk.  Before you get a large head you still try to eat everything and anything that might be dangerous…we have tons of baby toys but nooo those aren’t good enough, you want hangers, laptop chargers, and damn it if that water cooler doesn’t tease you daily.

Thinking back over the past year, I have to say that this is my favorite time with you.  Then again when the question came up a few months back I said the exact same thing, so I am pretty sure this will continue to occur until age 13ish.

I hope to one day share my blog and your mother’s blog to show you the family we were before you and after you…give you a sense of history…and show that if you keep your head on straight, keep your priorities in check (family, as you define it, should be number 1), and work hard anything is possible.