snoopy footbal

Captain Awesome runs a football pool he calls Beer Belly Bowl. It’s a “pick em” pool and he’s been running it for many years now. Each week he send out an e mail to everyone in the league pointing out the winners and losers of the week, and with that he includes some ramblings about what he is thinking about.

Today I thought maybe I would include a bit of his ramblings for you…Just so you can see into just how Awesome Captain Awesome THINKS he is….I’m one lucky girl!

For those of you that know me I know it is going to be hard to believe but I get this weird anxiety feeling. I am left to wonder…will they think I am as
funny as I know I am? Will my looks derail any type of meaningful 
conversation? Will my movie star wavy hair distract those around us? Will
they enter a perplexed state of amazement wondering just how deep my
dimples go? When they offer to buy me a drink for being so witty do I take
15 or 18 year old scotch? etc. etc. So when ITS ALL TANNEHILL FROM
HERE told me that his girlfriend and new member, TOO LEGIT TO BRIT was
crashing our poker game I was naturally left to wonder if this person is going
to awkwardly hit on me in front of a childhood friend.

Oh ya…and he means it!