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Soft Romance board by lehan paper. See more Any time I search sites that allow you to "pin" or design pictures you like I get jealous. MAN do I wish these existed when I was planning my wedding. I kept a physical binder, and saved pictures to my computer. It's only been 5 years [...]

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Four Fabulous Years Married To My Best Friend

This years anniversary has snuck up on my a bit. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since the two people in the above photo celebrated that most amazingly wonderful day. Our wedding day, June 14, 2008, was everything I could have imagined it to be, and the four years since have been completely fabulous. [...]

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She Said Yes! My Sister Is Engaged!

I love all things wedding, and as you know I have been going through wedding withdrawal since my wedding happened over a year ago. Now, I am so happy to announce that my sister got engaged this week to her boyfriend of about 4 years! Yes that is right! Do you know what that means? [...]

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Weekend Recap

As I posted in one of my last posts, my husband and I have been going through so much these past few weeks. As I have also mentioned we have amazing family and friends who care for us so much, and have been so supportive through this sad time in our life. One thing I am [...]

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