I love all things wedding, and as you know I have been going through wedding withdrawal since my wedding happened over a year ago. Now, I am so happy to announce that my sister got engaged this week to her boyfriend of about 4 years! Yes that is right! Do you know what that means? I get to help plan another wedding! That is until my sister decides I am completely annoying and tells me to back off…which could happen sooner than later if I’m not careful.

When planning another persons wedding one must realize that it isn’t YOUR wedding. I may have to bite my tongue a lot when it comes to this because me and my sister are so very different. I was all ball gowns, tiaras and pink…and she is more lace, simple and sophisticated black. But that is the joy of weddings isn’t it? That each of us gets the opportunity to do exactly what we want! We get one day that is truly ours to do with it exactly as we please.

I love proposal stories so with permission I am happy to share my sisters wonderful story! My sister (K) and her now fiance (JP) closed on their new house on Monday. It is a total fixer upper that will soon be a beautiful home. The house is set to go through major renovations in the near future, and most of the inside structures are being taken down. Monday morning JP went to the house, and inside a drop down ceiling he painted the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. He replaced the ceiling tiles and him and “K” proceeded to go to the closing of the house. Everything went smoothly and they went to the house to celebrate with champagne. He told my sister that they were going to be taking down the ceiling tiles that day. He wanted her to help. She would do one room and he would do the other. So “K” slowly began removing tiles. Soon enough she got to the area where he painted, and saw words. Her first reaction was that she found a secret message that was written years before. What a fun find! Then she read it more closely and read the words “will you marry me”. She mentioned later that it did not say her name, so she at first was a bit confused, but she soon called him into the room. He came in, got down on one knee and proposed to her.

It was such a special day for them both, and I was so happy and lucky to be a part of it. New homeowners and newly engaged! “JP” had the day all planned out. He came in person to ask my dad for “K”‘s hand in marriage, about a week before, and then made a plan with my parents, my brother and me to come down to celebrate with them. He planned a lunch with my family and his parents, and then a bit of a happy hour party with a group of their friends and family. It was a wonderful night of celebrating. It was so amazing to see my sister so happy. She deserves nothing but the best. Being engaged is such a magical time, and both their faces glowed the entire evening.  

They have so many big things ahead of them and I am so happy for them both. He is a wonderful man and makes my sister happy. We look forward to welcoming him to our family.

Congratulations “K” and “JP”!