Last week, me and the girls had our monthly wine club meeting. I have been so proud of us since this is the 5th month in a row! This has been much more successful then our attempt at a book club. But when you take out the homework of reading a book, and just include wine, snacks and girl talk…how could you fail?? It’s a great way to have an inexpensive girls night, and I am happy that it’s working out. Another perk of it all is that I get to experience new wines. I am by no means a wine aficionado. I could be just as happy sitting on my couch with a glass of boxed wine, as I am with wine that’s $8.99/bottle, as I am with wine that is $100 a bottle. But the common theme of it all is I just love wine, and if I find some that I like?? Well I can add it to our large wine fridge that never is able to keep wine in it because it all gets drank…but isn’t that the point of wine? To enjoy it?

When I was pregnant for that short time I had to cut out all alcohol. It’s just what you do in the name of your unborn child. I am by no means an alcoholic, and I certainly don’t NEED to drink, but I gotta tell you that what I missed the most was sitting down in the evening with a nice glass of red wine to just unwind. And I say this like I actually refrained from the wine for 9 months…I only went 4 weeks!

A while back I did a post about one of my favorite nights of the week during the prime TV scene. I call it Martooni Thursday. On Thursdays my husband plays poker with his friends, and I get in my most comfortable pajama’s to watch my favorite shows and relax with a nice glass of red wine. I light a candle for myself and relax. It’s funny because my parents friends like the idea of Martooni Thursday so much they stole it and made it Martooni Tuesday! They have a group of friends over and serve Martini’s. I love to inspire others!

I admit it. I am a self proclaimed wino and I am not ashamed to admit it! Winos let’s unite…raise our evening glasses of the vino and toast to ourselves!

For those of you who enjoy getting some wine suggestions from wine club I am going to include the notes that “P” took at wine club. She’s just so good at keeping notes, and I am thankful to have them. The theme for this month is Germany. We all went searching for our standard red and white bottles but it seems that Germany only produces Riesling! (well at least at the wine stores we went to!) Remember these are rated on a scale from 1-5.

Name: Schmitt Sohne
Vineyard: Rheinhessen
Vintage: 2007
Price: $10.95
Comments: medium body, airy & light, good to eat with pork, ham, fish, and poultry
Rating: 3.5

Name: Sun Garden
Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
Vintage: 2007
Price: $12.99
Comments: full body, fruity, serve chilled
Rating: 4

Name: Schmitt Sohne
Vineyard:Piesporter Michelsberg
Region: Qualitatswein
Vintage: 2007
Price: $8.99
Comments: mellow, less pungent than other wines, crisp finish, hints of peach and green apples
Rating: 4

Name: Polka Dot
Vineyard: Pfalz
Vintage: 2006
Price: $6.99
Comments: Medium body, semi-sweet, floral aromas with ripe fruit flavor (peach, pear, nectarine, and apricot)
Rating: 4+

Name: Weber
Region: Deutscher Tafelwein Rhein
Vintage: 2007
Price: $9.99
Comments: Robust taste
Rating: 5