Everyone has those material fetishes that make them happy. For some it is shoes, or others it is make up. For me, it is perfume! I revel in the joys of Sephora or other department stores with rows and rows of perfumes. Just walking around and spraying those perfumes on those little white sticks makes me smile.

My View on Perfume

Some people have a signature scent. When they walk past you and you smell them, or smell that scent elsewhere you just think of them. Not me. I have tons of scents that make me who I am. Each little bottle serves its purpose. I have sunny day perfumes, perfumes that I think go with the color brown (yes I know weird), perfumes for date night, and perfumes for weekdays and weekends.

Perfume for My Wedding Day

When I was getting married one of the big decisions I had to make was which scent would represent my wedding day. What smell would remind of that day years to come? What scent won? (mind you I tried scents for months) Hanae Mori! (I will link to all the perfumes mentions on the bottom of this post). The scent was light and clean. It wasn’t something that would be too strong and give me a headache, and it wasn’t something that others would find overwhelming when they hugged and congratulated me. In the end it was a perfect choice and it reminds me of that wonderful day every time I wear it!

Favorite Perfumes

Some of my favorites for daytime include: Angel, Angel violet, burberry, burberry weekend, Hanae Mori, Sarah Jessica Parker, Burberry Brit,

Some of my favorites for nighttime include:  Angel Alien, Gucci Rush, Oscar de la renta

Yes I have them all! I covet many others, but I tend to wait to receive them as a Christmas gift from “Santa” (my parents are very generous with Christmas gifts).

So what are your favorites?! As you can tell I am always ready to find any excuse to find a new scent. Also, what do you have a tendency to buy a lot of?