I am new to the blogging world, but as I learn more and more about it I find it fascinating! I am a fan of the simple mom blog and received the new post to my e mail! This post was to commemorate her 10,000th subscriber! I couldn’t believe it. I could only dream of having that many people care about what I have to say. I also find it amazing how many giveaways are being done in the blogging world. Hopefully someday I have enough people following me so that I have people sending me items for me to try. If you are reading this and want my opinion on anything….I am always ready and willing!


In this post she was giving away Crocs.  Now, I have never owned a pair of crocs or wanted a pair of Crocs, but after seeing their new spring line of shoes, I may change my tune a bit. I looked into it and found that the brand is now making shoes that are not only functional, but stylish. The croc’s website had this to say about their brand.

…Despite our rapid success, we still stand behind the core values of Crocs™ Footwear. We are committed to making a lightweight, comfortable, slip-resistant, fashionable and functional shoe, which can be produced quickly and at an affordable price to our customers. We thank you for your support and look forward to providing you with exciting new Crocs™ Shoe designs in the years to come.

My Original Thoughts on Crocs

What is your thought on these odd looking shoes? Originally, I was amazed at how people would overlook the look of the original crocs for their comfort. They are worn daily buy professionals like doctors and nurses. Now that I see the cute shoes like the pink ones above (the picture is linked to crocs on amazon), or the sandals they have on their website I may have to check it out.

So what is your experience with these shoes? Are they a do or a don’t? Thank you simple mom for bringing these shoes onto my radar once again!