I have always loved getting dressed up. Whether it was playing pretend as a little girl, going to the prom, or even something as simple as going to a wedding, I have always enjoyed everything that goes into the dress up process. I have to admit it is a little harder to get myself all pretty when I have my son who wants to be entertained, and drools and spits up on every outfit, but I still like to find time to get all pretty. But no matter what you are dressing for, or how old you are, one dilemma has always existed……What do I wear???

I like to take a lot of pictures, so therefore, when I go to an event what I am wearing is captured multiple times. Therefore, I hate to wear the same dress twice! It’s a problem I know, but I always feel like people are looking at me thinking “she totally wore that to the last wedding”! Yes, it is definitely all in my head, and I am pretty positive most people don’t even remember what I wore, but I still swear at least one person would judge. So each formal event I get on the hunt for something new to wear.

Enter the little black dress. I have a ton! As much as I try to venture into color I just always go back to my trusty friend…black. It is slimming and always appropriate. I also always try to rationalize in my head why I need a new dress. I count how many times I can wear it, even though I already know that I will only wear it once. At least I try right?

Even though I hate online shopping , I still search for dresses there. The ladies wearing them in the pictures just look so much better then I do in the dresses! Sometimes you even get to find clothes from Europe like these Evening Dresses at Bank Fashion . I still have no idea how much they really cost due to the Euro price tag, but it’s still fun to look. Sometimes you can even get something very different and unique.

I complain, but I do love to go and try on dresses…that is if I find a bunch I like.  It’s all about the dance….the shopping, the jewelry, the make up the hair….you just hope the end result makes a pretty picture.

How about you? Do you like to wear something new to each formal event? Or do you have that tried and true dress that looks good and does it’s job each time?