Now that I have an infant I notice I have less and less time to myself, and a lot less time to stroll around and shop. It was inevitable, and I knew what I was getting into, but it still sometimes puts a damper on my fashion choices. One way to make shopping easy is to shop online, but I am still not sure how I feel about it? Yes it’s easy, and the stuff comes straight to your front door. But there also are some down sides such as shipping costs, and sizing troubles. So what do you think? Online shopping? Is it a Yay..or a Nay?

Up until now I haven’t really seen the benefits. Most of the time you are left to pay shipping, which I find to be an unnecessary added cost. Sometimes the cost is rather hefty! That is usually the point where I rethink my purchase. I search for items, add them to my cart, and when I am ready to check out I notice the shipping charges and cancel my order. I pretty much do it every time. I should learn by now to not even search unless I have a free coupon code!

How about sizing? I normally have to try on a ton of clothes in the dressing room before I find anything that fits. Especially when it comes to pants or Jeans. How does one buy that stuff online? Shoes? I feel like I need to put them on my feet before buying. Yes, a lot of shoe websites offer free return shipping, but that takes time, and I normally want my shoes right away. I am extremely scared of the online shoe ordering trend.

Even after all the things that scare about online shopping I still tend to browse regularly. I mean take this Knitwear by Pure Collection (yes, I used the word knitwear!)….doesn’t it just look cozy? My biggest guilty shopping pleasure is stuff that I can’t afford on those discount designer sites. Even at the discount things are too much for me, but it’s fun to look!

I do see the benefits, such as saving yourself a lot of time that you don’t have in a store. But how do people not see the negatives? How do you get around the negatives I’ve mentioned? What do you think? Are you an online shopper? Or are you like me, and still find it rather scary….