Wine U Design: Make Your Own Vintage!

photo courtesy Magenta Blue Photography I love wine…there I said it! I’m not ashamed…none one bit! As a self proclaimed wino I love almost all things wine. I love cheap wine…expensive wine…wine tasting and of course my wine club. It was through my wine club that I got to experience a little bit of a [...]

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Wine Club Takes On The Vinyards

My girlfriends and I started a wine club a little while back. It fell apart for a while, but the good news is that we started it back up! And this time we have taken it to another level. This time our group has expanded, and this time we took our group beyond the comforts [...]

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Me time

I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever be the type of girl that wanted nights to herself. As a matter fact, through most of my 9 year relationship with The Captain I hated when he would leave me. But we reach our almost 2 year wedding anniversary I find myself just wishing for [...]

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