Me Time – The Martooni Tradition

I believe the tradition started out back when I graduated college and my husband still had one more year. Since then it has morphed and changed to what it is today. Back in the day, Thursday nights were a big college night out. Being that I was no longer an undergrad, I felt it wasn’t my place to be going out to the same old places, not to mention the fact that the 3 am bedtime does not fit well when I had work the next day. Therefore, I was left on my own on Thursday nights. It turned out to be wonderful. I’d watch my favorite shows, and relax. It was wonderful “me” time.

Over the years it continued. When my husband was in law school he would normally be studying Thursday nights (among others) and for those 3 years I still had my time. When we moved into our town house my husband started Krav Maga classes. This still kept him busy on Thursday nights, and at this point  Martooni Thursdays came to be! I never really thought about it, but now that I look back I can see that it was a great opportunity to have a date night with myself.

Me Time – The Birth of the Martooni

The name “Martooni” came from my dad who invented the little word for martini. It is a little joke in my family because it seems that when any of us indulge in martinis the night gets a little more exciting. Martooni Thursdays don’t always have to be with martinis. Wine is a wonderful substitute, or anything else that helps with much needed relaxation.

Me Time – The Martooni Tradition Interrupted

Now here is where the dilemma begins. Before our wedding my husband stopped taking his classes due to the utter violence it forced him to face week after week. I could not have my groom standing at the alter with a black eye. And after the wedding he never returned. This alas left me with his company on Thursday nights, not to mention his constant nagging about how “awful” he thinks my shows are. Also, he has felt the need to invite his friends over so that I cannot concentrate due to their loud conversations. When this happens I am left to be thankful for my DVR. Now, I love my husband, and I love to hang out with him as much as possible, but I personally feel that being a wife does not make it ok to lose my sacred night of television and adult beverages.

Me Time – The Martooni Tradition Reborn

Now is the time that  I must mention the small ray of hope I have to regain my 7 year tradition. And that ray can be explained in one word….POKER! Yes, someone must have smiled down on me and taken pity on me. My husband has recently been playing poker with his friends on Thursday nights. Personally, I think my husband should be grateful to have such an understanding wife, who allows him to attend his weekly poker game. Who am I to stand in his way??? I’ll tell you who…a woman who whether right, wrong or indifferent gets overly excited for Thursday night TV.

Now let me leave you with this little piece of information. I have found the perfect and easy Apple martini. I don’t have the patience to make one from scratch so I buy Mancini’s pre made apple martinis.

It is the perfect amount of alcohol and gives you that martini kick. I have tried others and have been left disappointed. So this will be my recommendation.

So to all of you ladies out there who are looking for an excuse to have a night to yourself….why not start your own Martooni Thursday?!

If it’s not your thing then please share your personal “individual date night” stories! I am always open to suggestions!