I was so excited to make a post about the wonderful dinner party I hosted on Saturday. I was prepared to show pictures of my beautiful china, and my great table decorations. Alas, this will have to be put on hold….the dinner party had to be cancelled.

The Death of a Dinner Party

As it turns out our table can only hold 8 people. So when I started inviting people I had to be sure that I had no more than 8 people attending the dinner party. So as I invited people, and some people declined I tried to invite others. In the end I ended up with 6 yes’s. (On a side note I find it amazing how many people wait till the last minute to give a definitive answer. Do they not realize the planning that is involved? My guess is NO! I guess this rant would be best for another post) Of those 6 people 2 of them I happen to see all the time. Therefore, as much as I love them, it’s not a big occasion to see them and catch up. So that left 3 others. Of those 3, two people cancelled at around 3:30 pm…This means that I had already cleaned the house, cooked the ziti, started carting down the table decor and was showered. I must say the two people had very valid reasons for not coming. They were sick. My dinner party was quickly falling apart. After contacting the other invitees we decided that it would be best to reschedule.

The Birth of a New Dinner Party

So where does that leave me? I had the food, I had the drink. All I needed was the people. So instead of having a total bust, I decided to make the best of it. My husband had plans to go out with his friends, so I told him to invite them over for dinner! It was 4 men and me at a dinner party. Although they told me paper plates would suffice, I set the table nicely (not with my china!). I served my spinach dip in a bread bowl, my salad, ziti and dessert. I think they really appreciated the good meal!

All in all I’m happy that I was able to hold a quasi dinner party. Certainly wasn’t the atmosphere I anticipated. I really was looking forward to some good girl time. I mean good food, good wine and good friends is a formula for a wonderful evening. We’ll reschedule (I hope!).

The good news is that I am growing as a person.  I took the whole situation with a grain of salt and didn’t bug out when plans changed. I rolled with the punches and it worked out in my favor. The night was in no way completely ruined…Just different!