Our little family goes to the Pumpkin Patch every year. We started this little tradition about three years ago at a place that allowed us to bring our little Tinky, and have continued going to the same place every year. My poor husband had to take me to at least 3 patches the first year we started going, because I wanted to go to the type of pumpkin patch I used to go to when I was a kid. It seems out here on Long Island they like to import pumpkins and drop them in a small field next to the parking lot, and call that a pumpkin patch…. but I was having none of that. I needed a REAL pumpkin patch that had all the extras such as a real farm and hayrides. Thankfully we found one!

At the Pumpkin Patch we are surrounded by tons of families with kids. Our little family which includes little Tinkerbell as our kid looks a bit out of place. But I say WHATEVER! This is our family and we deserve pumpkins too! I must admit that Tinkerbell is a HUGE hit at the patch. Tons of people stopped us to ask if they could pet her and to say how beautiful she was. All I could do was smile with pride.

This particular patch gives you a wagon when you arrive in order to help carry this pumpkins. I’m not sure if it was like this when I was little, but they charge $2 per person to get into the farm??? I don’t even know what that includes?? This pumpkin patch is cute. They have a whole playground area, a place where kids can take pony rides, a hay ride, and the new addition was the potato sling shot. This place is going to be great when we have kids…but unfortunately for now Tinkerbell can’t fully enjoy all the farm has to offer.

 While going through the patch we encountered one of those cut out boards where you stick your head through so you look like that person or animal…well my husband and I decided to torture our dog. Hey, she’s our baby…we get to take cute pictures of her too!!! Ya ok, I know….we are dorks..lol

Other than the pumpkins our favorite thing to buy here is the cider donuts. YUMMY! If you have never tried a cider donut I highly recommend them. We also bought apples so I could make an apple crumb pie, (It came out really good by the way!) and apple cider!

I guess I should’ve added this little tradition in my previous post about Family Traditions. Little by little we are starting to build up little things that are special to us as a family. I know that this one will be even more fun once we have children. For now, it’s just the three of us…