A group of my girlfriends decided that we needed to do a “girls’ night” once a month, so that we can get together and gossip. Last fall we decided to try to do this as a book club. It seemed like a great idea, books were chosen and we set up meeting times. This worked for about 3 books, and even then it really didn’t work. Some chose to read less than others, and some didn’t read the book at all. This made for an awful book club…so I put my foot down and we stopped the club. I love to be the organizer of these types of things so when book club failed we tried to come up with something to keep our girls night alive…so wine club *came about!

Starting a Wine Club

We decided that one person would be the hostess and provide little munchies for us, and would choose an area of the world that we would feature each month. This month our hostess chose Italy (because that’s where she’ll be going on her honeymoon). For our group we chose to have 5 bottles of wine. We did 3 white and 2 red in which people volunteered to buy. We left it up to the individual which wine to buy.

I must say the night was a success! We had quality girl time and wine…what more could we ask for!? After each tasting we discussed what we liked about the wine, and after trying all the whites, then all the reds we chose a favorite of each. For the whites the favorite was one that was not labeled as any particular type of wine (i.e. pinogrigio, chardonnay). The group decided it tasted like a sauvignon blanc (yes our palettes are very refined). The red favorite was a funny story. One of the ladies had her husband pick up the bottle and did not inform him of our price range. He bought a rather expensive bottle, and as it turns out it unanimously was victorious! I normally would be the first to say price doesn’t matter when it comes to wines, but this one was very rich and tasty! In the future we are going to keep a wine journal and I can share the names of the winning bottles. This time, we just winged it!

In the future I hope we can bring the idea of wine club* even further. I figure some months we can meet at a restaurant/bar and try wines there, or in summer since we live near Long Island wine country we can take a bit of a field trip out there to go tasting. I really think that this idea will work…at least I hope so!

So what do you do with your girlfriends? What excuses do you use to gossip? Isn’t that what girl friends are for?