Let’s be honest. It’s easy to get stuck doing the same dinner and a movie thing every time you and your hubby have time for a date night. The generic dinner and a movie is easy, fairly inexpensive, and requires little planning effort.

However, the same date every time can lead to a stale relationship. You don’t want things to be predictable every time. It keeps conversations limited, and leaves the excitement at the door. So instead of settling for the same date every time, consider some of the following options to spice things up on occasion:

Brewery or Winery Tours

You don’t have to plan to spend an entire weekend to enjoy a brewery or winery. While either would make a nice weekend getaway, we often don’t have the time to do so. But a few simple hours spent at either location can afford you both the time to relax and enjoy each others’ company while learning about something new.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings may not be a date norm, but they are definitely a way to shake things up. Not only will you both get a little more introspection into the future, but you will both walk away with some great laughs too.

Rock Climbing

If you and your significant other are a little more athletic, consider rocking climbing together. No need to find your local state park. Many gyms offer rock climbing facilities, and the activity will allow you and your spouse to work together to reach the top.

Cooking Class

Nothing is more sexy than cooking with your spouse, and a cooking class is a great way to prepare a good meal together while learning something new. Together you’ll be able to whip up some awesome creations, and then take pleasure in feeding whatever it is you made to each other.

Tango Lessons

I take what I said about cooking back. There is something that is more sexy than cooking together, and it is taking tango lessons together. Tango is such a sensual dance that couples can help but enjoy each others’ company while on the dance floor. Sure, you may step on each others’ toes a time or two, but the added closeness will be well worth it.

There is no reason to settle for the usual when you have a variety of other inexpensive and fun date night options available. So the next time your significant other asks you where you would like to go on your next date night, skip the movie times and find something that will spice up your night.