Within one week my son experienced his first earthquake (and hopefully his only), and if the weather people are right, he will experience his first hurricane. Irene seems to have Long Island set in her sights, and soon will be making her appearance. Am I worried? Yes! Am I a bit scared? Yes! But only of the unknown, and only because I now not only have to worry about myself and The Captain, but now I will worry about my son.

Although I complain alot about the cold winters in the North East, and I always threaten to move south, I will admit that when it comes to dangerous weather we are pretty lucky. The biggest threat are blizzards, but thus far I have never felt in true danger. We don’t really see hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes. If they do happen they are mild and few and far between. Now, we may be facing the first direct hit of a hurricane in the last 100 years!

Normally I think the weather people make a huge deal out of nothing. How many times do we hear…”we are going to get a food of snow!” only to get 2 inches. Everyone runs to the stores and panics. Then nothing comes. That is how I saw this storm. I didn’t think much of it because with one small change in the wind we’d get nothing at all. But this time it seems they were right! Who knew!?

My parents asked me to come to them in PA, but I felt that was dangerous too. With all the evacuations I thought being on the road was even more dangerous than staying put. People all around us are being evacuated which is very scary, but I think we are in a good place. Of course we didn’t have a flash light and everyone was sold out, but The Captain came through and found a store that had them (phew!). We have candles and everything we need here (I hope!). So now we just hunker down and wait and see. Will it be as bad as they say? Who knows! What I do know is they don’t shut down the MTA, subways and evacuate millions of people for nothing. For that reason I worry……

Here comes Irene!!!!