Wooo hooo! Irene came and went, and all is good in After The Alter Land! As a matter of fact, if I didn’t have the news running constantly I wouldn’t have really known anything was going on at all!

I must say the weather people got it pretty right this time though. The storm did pass right through NYC like they said, and by the looks of things a lot of people got hit pretty bad. I feel horrible for that. Although it’s not right, I sometimes have an out of site out of mind attitude. Like, since it didn’t affect me all is good. But that is not the case. Some people lost so much, and I have to remind myself of this so that I can remember to be thankful for all that I have.

Captain Awesome, the baby and I stayed in our home on Saturday waiting for the rain. Funny thing was that it didn’t really come! Not till the night time that is. I was very nervous to go to bed because I worried about something big happening while I slept and it affecting our son. To remedy my anxiety I drank wine. Sometimes wine can solve all of life’s problems….it may only be for a few moments, but I still believe it helps! This time it helped a lot. I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep. By doing this I think I missed much of the storm! I am sure it was bad, but luckily no damage was done to our home.

So many people lost power including my parents and in laws. Funny thing was that we didn’t lose it at all! Thank goodness to that! Sad as it is to admit, I would’ve been pretty lost with no power.

I feel so sorry for the people who’s homes were damaged in this storm, and I feel so sorry for my friend who was supposed to get married Saturday night. Although he may not see it now, at least he will have a great story to tell right?

Hurricane Irene has made her mark in history, and we luckily came through unscathed. To those of you not as lucky I continue to pray for you. Mother Nature can be so cruel!