I certainly must be having mommy brain because it seems that I totally forgot to blog about the newborn photo shoot that we had back in DECEMBER! Wow! I can’t believe I never shared that with you!? If I did write it, I can’t seem to find it…again totally having mommy brain. I actually feel like I’m going crazy because I loved the photos so much, that I just can’t believe I didn’t post?? But I guess better late than never right?

My friend and wonderful photographer, Mike, from Mike Coppola Photography agreed to come a few days after our little man was born to take his newborn photos. They say it’s best to take them during the first week because the baby sleeps so soundly, and is the most mailable. So that’s what we did! I find newborn photos the absolute CUTEST, and we were so lucky to have him come.

He told me first to turn up the heat in the house so that the baby can be nice and warm, since most shots are done naked. The biggest challenge for me was making sure that he was fed enough, with out having him poop and pee all over the place. This plan failed since I got crapped on with in the first few shots! Little did I know that even though it was one of the first times…it certainly wouldn’t be the last! Far from it!

Here are some of my favorites! Look how little he was!

Mike Coppola mainly shoots events such as premiers, and sports, but I think he captured my little Christian perfectly.  My little guy was such a model even then!

Sorry to share these so late! Mike is also an advertiser on my blog so you can find his badge on my right side bar.