As I posted in one of my last posts, my husband and I have been going through so much these past few weeks. As I have also mentioned we have amazing family and friends who care for us so much, and have been so supportive through this sad time in our life. One thing I am majorly thankful for is my busy summer. I think the fact that it is summer has helped immensely. The warm weather and our busy schedule has allowed me not to sit home and wallow. Although, I know if I wallowed I would be forgiven, I think this way is best.

Friday night was one of my best friends wedding. She was the most beautiful bride, and he was such a handsom groom.

She had the most beautiful day any bride could ask for. The weather called for 77 and sunny with 0% chance of precipitation. Who would ever believe that July 10th would have such weather? When in the summer is there EVER a 0% chance of rain?? I’ll tell you who gets this day? A woman who deserves it! She hoped and prayed for such weather and she got it. I did my best to be as good of a bridesmaid as she was for my wedding…hopefully I accomplished that.

As I am writing the first half of this post it is Saturday night and I am laying on the couch with a glass of wine with my dog. As sad as it may seem to some, I am so happy for this relaxing evening. My husband and I have been on the go for weeks. As I said earlier it’s a blessing in disguise to be so busy, but I gotta tell you, It was great to sit around my house all day today with my husband being lazy. We are very good at being lazy!

Sunday was another beautiful day here on Long Island. Days like this make me happy that we have a community pool across the street. My husband and I actually ventured out of our home to lounge by the pool for a bit. It’s amazing how easy it is for the two of us to get sucked into our couch. At least we are the same when it comes to that.

So there is the recap of our weekend. Next weekend I am so excited to leave for our family vacation to the Jersey Shore for the week, but more to come on that later.