Random Thoughts: Get Over Yourselves

I am extremely frustrated with all the hoopla going on surrounding the Zimmerman trial. I will be honest and admit that I watched a bunch of it while away on vacation with my family, but I have to blame my dad on this one. He is truly addicted to court TV and got us all [...]

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Five Years Of Bliss

Five years ago today I woke up in my childhood bed and began what was and always will be my dream wedding day come true. I finally was going to marry my best friend after years (and years...and years...) of dating. Now, five years later it is kind of surreal to look back on our [...]

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Living In The Now

Once you have a child, the first thing people tend to ask you is….”are you ready for another one?” or “when do you want to have a second?” My answer to both of those questions is….not for a little while! As a planner I pretty much live my life thinking about what comes next. It’s [...]

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Our Car Seat Decision: Britax Boulevard 70 CS

The time has finally come that my son no longer fits in his infant car seat. Even before his was born I worried about how I would carry that seat around, being that I am such a wuss, but somehow I did it. Now he has almost reached the maximum weight limit, and I was [...]

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Being Mothered

Being a new mom I am well aware, that this job is going to last me the rest of my life. As a matter of fact being a wife is a similar job, because it is my job to think ahead for both my son and my husband. I will admit that always being on [...]

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