I have never been known to handle change very well…maybe I am being too nice to myself…let’s just say I hate change. It takes me a while to get used to things, and it has been no different thus far with the changes being made in our home to make room for Pooh Bear. It’s not that I’m not ready to make the big changes that come along with having a baby, I think it’s the little ones that are happening now that I am finding difficult. The newest change being my big office move South. (don’t worry,  we didn’t actually MOVE anywhere)  That’s right…my home office has officially moved from our second bedroom down to out little front room.

I wrote a little while back about taking down our bar to make room for the move. We decided to go ahead now rather than wait, because I wanted The Captain to paint the nursery while I would be out of town (which happened to be this past weekend). So downstairs went my desk. We have been preparing for the move for some time now. Office supplies got rearranged, and all that was left to do was to carry the desk downstairs (which of course I didn’t do since I am not made for manual labor pregnant or not!) So down it went! My desk has found a new home.

I’m not sure why it feels so different downstairs. It really isn’t. One thing I do miss is what I call “my perch”. My desk used to be right next to the upstairs front window so I could spy on everything going on in the neighborhood. Now, my desk is still by the downstairs window but I don’t have as large of a view from left to right. How will I keep tabs to what is going on? My perch allows me to be that nosy neighbor! Tinkerbell had a hard time with the move too. She was extremely confused. When her routine varies, she gets lost (like her mom). I moved her little dog bed downstairs, but I don’t think it’s truly helped. It will take some getting used to for the both of us.

Little by little we are getting our home ready for our new little arrival. I keep telling myself all this change is good, and will make our little one feel at home here. Soon, it will all feel normal. Soon, it will be like my desk was never upstairs. For now, I will learn to love my new perch….don’t worry, I can still be nosy!