Yes, I know this post is rather late…sorry!! Better late than never! I actually wasn’t going to write a Thanksgiving post, but how could I not considering that I have to much to be thankful for this year. I feel so lucky to have an amazing husband, dog, home, and family…and most of all I feel blessed that very soon I get to meet my son. Can you believe it? Any day now The Captain and I will meet our first child….the child that I have been carrying in my belly for 9 (ish) months. Yes, this year I truly need to give thanks for all the blessings in my life.

This holiday season will be different from the others. Change is extremely hard for me, but this year, change comes with good reason. Being 38 weeks pregnant has made me stay put and not be able to travel to see my family in Pennsylvania. This was hard. I missed out on a lot of tradition that I hold dear to my heart…but I just keep reminding myself that I can resume those traditions next year and the years after that. This year, I had to think of little Pooh Bear, and myself and stay in New York.

The Captain and I had a great weekend though. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my in laws, and watched an abundant amount of football. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? The Captain even played football with a group of friends. I was terrified that he’d break a leg or something and not be able to drive me to the hospital, but he made it through pretty injury free (minus a sore ankle). This weekend our house got a good cleaning too! Best of all??? I didn’t have to do it! My mother in law was generous enough to shampoo our rugs, and then my in laws treated us to their cleaning lady for the day! Now my house is spic and span! Just in time for little Pooh Bear! Later, I decorated for Christmas, and The Captain, Tinkerbell and I went to get our Christmas Tree. I am happy to report that it is up and decorated. Usually Captain Awesome complains when it comes time to decorate the tree…forcing me to fire him from Christmas due to being a grinch, but this year he even let me play Christmas music on the TV rather than the 4:00 football game. Can we say progress? I’ll make this guy a Christmas guy yet! Maybe next year he’ll even hang an ornament! Last year his job was to make us Hot Toddies, but since I couldn’t indulge this year he lost that duty….I promised him that he could have it back next year.What’s tree decorating without Hot Toddies?

The weekend  gave me time to reflect on all the good in my life and it also made me remember where I was last year at this time…The holidays last year I was sad since there was no baby on the way. Now this year, I am going to be a mom before Christmas! I am always amazed at how different my life can be in just a year. So in honor of Thanksgiving I want to publicly say how truly thankful I am for all the good in my life….and boy is there a lot of it! As always…I see what a blessed life I am living right now.