Every time I go to my doctor appointments I am asked if I have any complaints. To this question I have always been lucky enough to respond…No! As lucky as I felt to be able to honestly say that I was feeling good, I also started to get nervous that something was bound to go wrong. I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but I just knew I had to have at SOME worry at the end of my pregnancy, and finally I am sad to report the other shoe has finally dropped. With less than 2 weeks to my due date, I can now worry.

I am extremely prone to UTI’s and always have been (you can read more about that background here ). Throughout this pregnancy, I have had a UTI probably 4 times. Which is a lot if you ask me, but thus far I have been told that the Macrobid medicine given to me was perfectly safe (even though this study about the dangers of UTI medication came out). Three weeks ago I mentioned to the doctor that I felt some of the normal UTI symptoms, but couldn’t tell if it was just pregnancy or really a UTI. I was told that the test stick they used in the office showed negative, but they would test my urine anyway. Low ans behold it came back positive. I was prescribed Macrobid….fine. Fast forward to last Tuesday’s appointment and the same thing happened. Test stick showed no UTI, but I mentioned that I was up peeing at night about 5 times and the doctor wanted to get it tested.

I hadn’t heard from him, so I decided to call the office. When I got a call back this is what I heard.. “to be honest the reason I haven’t called you back is because I don’t know what to do with you.” WHAT? He said that Macrobid is no longer safe this far along in the pregnancy, and he can’t give me anything with Penicillin due to my “supposed” allergy (boy do I have to look into this after Pooh bear is born). Long story short, there is nothing to treat my UTI till AFTER the baby is born. Just wonderful….

What can I do? He said to drink lots of fluids, up my vitamin C, and take cranberry extract. Not exactly a cure, but something I guess. But what now? A UTI left untreated can cause kidney infections, and be very dangerous. Will they want to induce me should it get worse, and baby doesn’t come on his own? I have another appointment Wednesday, so I will ask these questions in person.

I have now officially given little Pooh Bear an eviction notice. Mommy now has an infection and needs him to come out (should he be ready of course), so that she can be treated. So yes, the other shoe has finally dropped and I have started to worry. What would the end of pregnancy be with out a little bit of worry right?