I keep reading in my Entertainment Weekly, and other movie type magazines and shows that the “summer blockbuster” is not what it used to be. The latest article was that the latest Tom Cruise Movie, “Night and Day” opened to the lowest numbers EVER for a Tom Cruise Action movie. Personally, I thought it looked good, but what I don’t think the movie people out there are considering is the fact that maybe it’s not the movies that people aren’t going to see…that MAYBE it’s the RIDICULOUS price tag of those particular movies!

Almost a year ago I wrote a post letting everyone know that I was boycotting moviet theaters. These days, by me in New York the price of a movie ticket is almost $12!! If just me and my husband go, then it’s $24 plus any popcorn and drinks HE may want to get (I never buy anything from the theater since it’s such a rip off!) . Now, if I just wait a few months, that same movie will be out on DVD for around the same price as our 2 movie tickets, we then get to own the movie, and get to watch it comfortably in our own home.

How about all this 3D hype. Sure it’s kind of cool, but it costs me almost $20 a ticket to go see the movie??? I feel bad for families with kids that want to go see these movies. How could a family of 4 afford it?

Somethings gotta give and I’m not sure what it is. Either actors need to stop requesting 20 million, and/or the studios have to stop paying it!  Then maybe they wouldn’t have to charge so much for us to see a movie! Or is it just that the cost of running a theater is going up? If so that’s gotta stop! I think we need to go back to when it was $5 to see a movie! I would be much more willing to go if that were the case.

So…. silly movie statistics people…you need to think about more than dollars and cents when making judgments. Look at our economy people! Who can afford it! I feel bad for all those families who made Toy story 3 one of the top movies this summer! They had to go broke doing so!

Ok…movie theater rant over…you can go on with your day…