Do you ever look back at those moments in your life that you considered a milestone and realize that you never get to do that particular milestone again? For example… marriage. I am a married woman of 2 years, and I still can’t believe that my wedding day has come and gone. The day I dreamt about for so long was absolutely wonderful….but it will never happen again.

The reason these thoughts came into my head was because I turned 30. Don’t worry, I’m not wallowing in self pity. I’m fine with 30, but it was also a milestone that seemed to be in the future. I turned 25, and then after that all there was to do was wait for 30 to come! Now that day has come and gone. It certainly happens fast.

Things like college, graduations, and getting your drivers license. At the time they just seem like a right of passage, but as time moves forward they become but a distant memory. At my young age I’m turning into one of those “good ol’ days” people. Captain Awesome reminds me that there is no such thing. lol

I am the kind of person that likes to plan and look forward to things. I think that is why I like the plans so much. Because looking forward to something makes that thing exciting. I am looking forward to meeting little Pooh Bear in a few short months. In the beginning of this pregnancy I wanted to rush through the early milestones. If we are being honest I want to rush through the next few also! (I know, I know, shame on me! Enjoy this time…ya ya I know!) Then Pooh Bear will be here and soon his or her milestones will come rushing past!

My milestones will be intertwined with Pooh Bear’s soon enough. Isn’t that a crazy thought? That most of my future milestones will mostly involve my children? First Christmases, and baptisms, and first steps. Not only will those be Pooh Bear’s milestones but I will also consider them mine. But this post isn’t about the future. It’s more about the past. A wonderful past filled with great memories. Memories that only exist in my head, and visions that still appear in a photo album.