Picture this…The suns out, the sunroof is open and it is a rare occasion that I am alone in the car with out my son. So I take the opportunity to pump up the tunes to an obnoxious level. On the radio comes Regulate…You know the song….Warren G…if not take a moment to listen to it above. So I am driving, groovin to the beat and thinking I am rather cool. Boy does the song bring me back….then I stop at a red light and think….is me listening to this song from 1994 and loving it the same as my parents listening to their 70’s music when I was young? Am I that old mom who “thinks” I am cool when in fact my son will soon think songs such as regulate suck? Can I still rock to regulate?

In college we used to have an all 80’s happy hour. That happy hour got me to appreciate so many songs that I missed since I was only 10 when we entered the 90’s. Do you think they have 90’s happy hour now? Does regulate come on to the people in college and do they chug beers and take shots in appreciation?? Boy do I hope so!

My friends tell me that it will ALWAYS be ok to play regulate loud, but then again they are my age. Will my son sit in the car someday when I control the radio and roll his eyes at songs such as Regulate? I know I did to my parents songs. I think I will be very sad when they mock my songs.

That all being said there are some songs my parents can listen to and I can still appreciate. “Don’t Stop Believing” from 1981 will be cool for both me AND my parents. “Cats in the cradle” from 1974….cool in my book!

So what do you think? Is it inevitable that I will become or already am a mockery in the music sense? What are some songs that you think can stand the test of time? What songs from the 90’s will make it?