I feel that when it comes to Mother’s Day I build up this idea in my head of how it should be. Maybe all new moms do because we are still so super excited that we get this day all to ourselves. The novelty of it all is still there. In my eyes Mother’s day should be spent with sleeping in, breakfast in bed, giving a big appreciative kiss to my mom, never having to change a diaper, coffee on the couch, lots of cuddles with my son, and a perfect activity with my family to pull it all together. But when you make a day so special in your head you are bound to be left a little disappointed. There is no way you can get it all…especially when a toddler is involved, and in the end you are happy and thankful for all that you DO have….My mother’s day was fabulous. But did it meet all the criteria? No…

Let’s start with sleeping in. Yes, Captain Awesome agreed to get up with the baby. I do about 360 morning wake up’s with the little guy over the year so you can bet your behind that I am going to take advantage. I heard the little guy bright and early, and woke up Captain Awesome (of course he never hears him). Then I lay there….lay there wide awake! WHAT!? I couldn’t sleep! But there was no way that I was losing this time…so I drifted in and out of sleep till about 8. Not late by any means. But it’s better than normal.

I knew breakfast in bed wasn’t going to happen. It’s not The Captain’s style…so I made my way to see my family. Of course I got my cuddles from my little man and a fantastic mother’s day gift. It’s hard to let Captain Awesome take on all the “mom chores” for the day because the little guy of course wants me to do it. So there goes my idea of never changing a diaper. Lucky me even got the poopy one that day!

A kiss for my mom? Didn’t happen (sad face). The distance made it impossible and I was left saddened by the fact that the rest of my family got to be together with out me. Tis the nature of the beast when you live out of town right?

Coffee on the couch? Nope! We rushed around to get ourselves and the little guy ready to do breakfast with my mother in law. It was our way of showing her how much we appreciate her, and she was so happy to have her boys all together. Our little man was exhausted from waking so early that he napped for about 20 minutes in the car while we waited for a table. It was great for us at breakfast, but that meant that he would refuse a nap later (sad face). There went that relaxing coffee on the couch yet again. I watched him roam his crib on the monitor for about an hour. A no nap Christian is no good…but what can you do?

The best part of the day was our trip to the Arboretum. It’s so beautiful and I loved watching our little man gaze at the trees and nature. He really loves to be outside. I loved being with my family and spending the day outside. Although the little man didn’t nap he did his best and didn’t throw too many tired tantrums. It was really wonderful.

The day ended with take out from one of my favorite restaurants, and a nice quiet evening with a glass of wine with my husband. A perfect end to the day….

I think I now realize there is no “off day” for a mom…even on Mother’s Day. I still will have want to be the one to take care of my son, and I think my days of relaxing on the couch are far in the distant future. It’s so true that you have to become a mom to truly appreciate the other moms in your life, especially your own. So happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there. I hope you got everything you wanted out of the day, and even if you didn’t…I hope you took a moment to appreciate all that you have….I know I did!