I have a little dog named Tinkerbell. For the last 7 1/2 years she has been my best friend, and at my side any chance she gets. As a matter of fact, she pretty much only wants me, but what do you expect? We are best friends? My son recently has been going through a “mommy phase”, and people joke that I am making another Tinkerbell. First of all to that I say…Who cares!? But my real argument is this. What’s wrong with a mama’s boy for a little while. Soon enough…probably sooner than I would like I will no longer be cool. Soon…it will be Daddy who he wants to take him to sporting events, and soon enough he will be embarrassed by me. So what’s wrong with some time where every day I cuddle my boy tight and tell him I love him? It may make him want to hold onto my leg the entire leg, but I am pretty sure it is just a phase. One day mommy won’t be cool….

Until now my son never cared who held him or if I left. He wasn’t that baby who cried if he was passed around, and he he never had separation anxiety. I was pretty happy about that. Then, very recently a switch was turned, and I am the only person he wants around. Mommy has to pretty much do everything. I feel bad when he doesn’t want to go to Daddy, but then I tell myself my days like this are numbered. And then I don’t feel so bad.

Most of the time I am OK with the fact that he’d rather hug my neck then go to someone else, but then there are those times where I just need a break, or I am left to feel bad as I watch him cry when I leave. It gets so bad that he fusses if I leave to go upstairs. Those times are rough. Sometimes I just want to pass him off to someone else. Normally, once the initial “freak out” is over he is happy and content with whoever is watching him. At least there is that….

I may roll my eyes when he hangs on to me too long…and pretend that I am exasperated by it but I will tell you right now I love it. My little boy makes me smile every day, and having him hang on my every word, or want me there every moment is a time that I will take. I will never get this time back so I will relish in it. Why? Because I am well aware it won’t be long till it’s over. Time will move quickly and soon it will be him rolling his eyes at me. I will take being great in my son’s eyes as long as I can.