I was reading a post by the Multi Tasking Mama about cheap date night ideas and the idea given was to get a movie at a Blockbust kiosk. First of all I didn’t know Blockbuster had kiosks, but I should’ve guessed that would be coming since it seems the company hasn’t had an original idea in years! Second,  Blockbuster…here’s an idea…it’s time to get your own ideas!

I mean come on! Doesn’t anyone else see the pattern here? First Netflix comes on the market and allows people to have movies delivered directly to their mailboxes. This wonderfully amazing business model then  put Blockbuster in danger…I mean who wouldn’t choose this option? So what happened? Blockbuster started to give people this luxury too.

Next came Redbox and DVD Express. Personally I think this idea is genious! $1 for a movie?? All you had to do was go to a kiosk…give your credit card and the movie popped out! LOVE it! And now I am hearing that Blockbuster is having kiosks? Really? It’s even called Blockbuster Express… that sounds pretty much like DVD Express if you ask me!  I mean I get that they want to stay in business, and have to move with the competition…but maybe for once they can get an idea of their own and do it first?

I have boycotted Blockbuster for a while now since I found them to be over prices, and personally I think the other companies are superior…but finding this out has made me dislike them even more! Ok..rant over…Thanks for reading about my random thought of the day!