They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and April showered bring may flowers…but the weather right now is not very lamblike and these certainly not showers! What’s going on?

Today as I drive around I am getting pummeled with rain. And what happens in flat Long Island when it rains??? Floods! It’s a crazy mess around here. I am pretty much anti umbrella since I find that sometimes it does more harm then good. I  mean, by the time I run from the building, open up the umbrella when I’m out the door, and then try to bring it down as I get into the car I think I have more rain on my pants then I would if I had just made a run for it. So I choose hats when it rains.

For some reason I always wear my glasses when it rains. I figure my eyes need a break every once in a while from contacts, and a rainy day is great for that since I don’t need sunglasses. But in reality it’s probably a bad time to wear the glasses because then I get rain drops all over them. Silly Jen!

The weather people are telling me its going to get sunny and warm in a few days, but I tend to be wary of weather people. Let’s face it…they are pretty much wrong more than they are right! But I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that my Spring weather is soon on it’s way. Warm and mild days…that’s what I’m talkin about!

Photo courtesy of  Tambako the Jaguar