2014-11-20 15.32.30Dear Tessa,

Are you really two months old? How can that be? You are getting so big and strong every day and I love to watch you grow…and grow and grow! You are getting so big! In just a few weeks I am seeing a baby and less of a newborn.

You are such a pleasant little girl. And so aware! If you are fed you are happy and content. These days I wonder if I am trying to feed you too soon! I am used to your brothers eating habits and need to adapt to yours. Being child number two means you have to be carted around to your brothers activities and you take it all in stride. Some days I have to wake you to get him to school or other things and you are fine with that. We break the “don’t wake a sleeping baby” rule daily and I am thankful that when we do you are still happy (usually!). I think I would be a much more stressed out mommy if you cried every time you were woken up. But that isn’t the case.

Your smiles are my favorite. It’s like you are just really starting to see me, and it melts my heart. My favorite is when I put you to my breast to nurse and you look up at me and smile. It’s like you are trying to memorize my face, and I get to memorize yours! Then you ooo and ahhh to tell me a story. Sometimes you enjoy out smile time too much and forget to eat! I cherish that special bonding moment.

During the day your sleep patterns are sporadic, but that’s OK because as long as you are in your swing you are content. Being that you are more awake I love to prop you up on my knees to chat. You just watch my face in amazement and smile. You are the best captive audience.

Nights have been pretty bearable too. I would say since about 7 1/2 weeks you have been going down between 8:30 and 9:30 and waking about once between 1:30 and 3:30, then 5:30-7. Not so bad! It’s quick and I love just holding you after you have fallen a sleep and rocking for a few extra minutes. Priceless!

You already have brought so much joy into our home. You love your brother and sometimes I wonder if you smile more at him then you do me! The moment he walks into a room you begin to search for him. I hope you two grow to be great friends.

So happy 2 months little one. The holidays are soon approaching so you will be a busy little bee next month! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Love mommy