I have been a mom of two for eight weeks. It’s crazy how time flies, but it is also amazing that it seems so long ago that I was pregnant! It feels like I am living a totally new life, and the one where I only had one child seems so foreign. How can that be?? I was terrified to be a mom of two based on things others have told me, but I have to be honest, so far it’s been pretty good!

First and foremost my daughter is so good. She has an easy going personality (so far), and is very content as long as she is fed (which is every 2-3 hours). If my daughter has been doing amazing my son has been even better. He is the best big brother and loves his sister so much. He is patient when I have to tend to her and wants her everywhere he is. I thought him as a big brother would be an epic fail with tantrums and jealousy, but there has been none of that! He surprised me, but then again he always does.

The biggest challenge is getting my son to all of his activities with her in tow. As a stay at home mom we do a lot during the week and she just needs to come along. With my son we went on his schedule. Now, if it’s time for her to eat but we have to leave for school she must wait. That leaves a screaming newborn in the drop off line sometimes (stressful!). I am thankful for the other moms at school who help speed up the process by bringing Christian in or leading him out of school.

Tuesdays and Thursdays brings us to an hour of speech and OT> That means I have my baby with me while we wait. They have nicely offered me to be in one of the speech rooms instead of in the general waiting room so that helps. I can nurse her and take her out of the carrier without worrying about the other kids and their germs. Then there is baseball/soccer on Wednesday afternoons and she comes to that too. So far she has taken it all in stride! I am thankful for that!  I hate that we risk her getting sick by being out and about so much, but I guess that’s the nature of number two right?

My son is older and that helps. God bless those of you with kids close together. I can ask my son for help and leave him alone with her or by himself if I need to do something. This makes it a lot easier. He naps too which I love. That gives me some extra time with my girl or to myself (well I am never really “by myself”) and I love it. I am hoping that continues for a bit!

Another big challenge is being so tired. She sleeps well for a newborn, but lets face it, I haven’t had a full nights sleep in months. I will laugh at anyone who says sleep when they do. The odds of both kids sleeping at once? Pretty low, and if they are both sleeping I need to eat, or get some other household chores done. And what does one cup of coffee a day do?? NOTHING! If I could do two I think it would be OK. When I drink that one cup I feel like I can get it all done, but that buzz wears quickly away. What a cruel joke on nursing moms!

Some days I feel like I GOT THIS! lol Then I remember we are only eight weeks in and she doesn’t move yet. But then I remind myself to enjoy the small victories..like navigating the crockery store or target with two, or getting myself dressed and looking presentable for the public. It’s amazing how much of a challenge all that can be!

All in all it’s going well. I am doing my best to be mentally present with both of my kids. It all goes by so fast and I don’t want to miss a second due to exhaustion or frustration. I have been blessed and I love it. So how do I rate the first 8 weeks? Hmm that’s hard. I’d be lying if I said A+…..But I think I’d give it a solid B! I think it’s going really well! Better than I expected!