A big regret when I had my son was that I didn’t bring my own cute blue hat to the hospital. That meant I was stuck with the standard pink and blue one that they gave you. (first world problems I know!) I wasn’t going to let that happen this time around so I started my search as to what hat I wanted my daughter to wear. I wanted it cute and feminine, but I also wanted it to stay on. I remembered so many hats I received when my son was born were just too big and didn’t fit well on his head. I didn’t want that, so when I found the Infanteeni Beeni on Etsy who claimed to be the only newborn hat guaranteed to fit snugly I knew I had to give it a try. Boy was it perfect!

The Infanteeni Beeni ($19.99) are hats that are handmade from newborn hospital hat material allowing you to keep the traditional newborn nursery look, with added style for your newest addition. I loved that the hat looked and fit just like the ones they give you at the hospital, but the added bow, and the fact that mine was all pink.

 How cute is this hat? Perfect for a little girl. My favorite part is that it stayed put. I tried other hats, and they all didn’t fit her head, and would fall off as she moved around. One thing I know is to not make a baby mad, and she certainly got annoyed with her other hats.

So if you are looking for something for your newborn to wear in the hospital…and after the hospital then you will LOVE the Infanteeni Beeni.