Have you ever asked this question? If you are a man and are currently married, I’m sure you have. If you are a woman, you may have asked yourself this question in a slightly different fashion. You might ask, “At what price do I feel unimportant to my future husband?”

Men feel like the price of a ring should not matter as long as both he and his partner love each other (it just so happens that this point of view allows those men money for a dirt bike instead of a 2 ct. diamond). Women, on the other hand, feel that if they are going to wear this diamond on their finger every day in front of their family, friends, and coworkers, it should be a true representation of their partner’s love for them. Therefore, the ring should look gorgeous and should even create a bit of a sparkle in the dark!

So What’s the Dollar Amount Already?

By researching the web a bit, I have discovered that the average man spends about $4,000 on an engagement ring, which equates to approximately one month’s salary. When one peruses a site like Angara.com, you will quickly discover that this price point will give you quite a lot of options for you engagement ring. And, a matching band could even be accomplished for below $4,000.

But What Should Really Be Spent?

Ultimately, the question does not just come down to the average amount that is spent. Instead, the correct answer is different for everyone. If your girlfriend loves the finer things in life and enjoys owning designer purses, dresses, and jewelry, then you will probably want to spend more than the average to please her (and if this is the case, please realize that the spending will not stop at the ring – in fact, this is only the beginning). On the other hand, if your girlfriend does not place much emphasis on possessions and the costs of clothing or jewelry, then you might be more comfortable spending less and instead focusing more on the atmosphere in which you will propose, because this will mean more to her than the sparkle in the diamond.

The bottom line is, if you do not know how much you should spend on her ring, then you do not yet know what her tastes are, and therefore do not really know her. And, if you do not really know the woman you are about to propose to, then you might want to rethink the proposal. Am I right?

Find the Perfect Ring, Not the Perfect Dollar Amount

Every woman has her own style, personality, and flair, and this is typically represented by her clothing, her antics, and her current collection of jewelry. If you are thinking about a proposal, study these areas closely.

After the proper study, take your learnings to the jewelry store. Look at the various types of rings and question whether they represent her of not. Perhaps you have discovered that she is not a diamond person, but would rather like a gem. Or, maybe she is fairly simple and would be embarrassed by a gaudy ring, and would therefore enjoy a simple princess cut solitaire. Whatever the case may be, match the ring to your future bride without worrying so much about the dollar amount. When you find the ring that is perfect for your bride, the dollar amount should hardly even matter to you. Instead, you will just be so excited to present this symbol of your affection to your forever love.

Have you ever asked yourself how much you should spend on an engagement ring?