We’ve all done it before. Looked on at the misfortune of another and said, “that will never happen to me.” However, pride always comes before the fall, and though no freshly married couple expects to experience turbulence in their new life together –– married couples still fight all the time. Indeed, the sooner young couples come to grips with the realities of cohabitation, the better their relationship will be in the long-run. To that end, here are four problems no newlywed ever expects to deal with, but probably will anyway:

Money Trouble

The last thing most people want to discuss with their romantic partner is their financial situation. After all, talking about money simply makes people feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t assume that you and your partner have the same priorities when it comes to making investments, or purchasing products. What’s more, couples who don’t plan for worst-case scenarios (like losing a job, for instance) can find themselves strapped for cash very quickly.


It’s rare for young people in love to ever admit that they’ve felt jealous of their partner. Yet, as time goes on, most relationships face strain caused by envy –– even if it’s not founded in anything malicious. One partner may feel jealous of the other’s station life, connection to a family member, or, yes, ability to attract members of the opposite sex. Jealousy is a normal emotion to feel, and there are ways to handle it in a healthy manner.

Lack of Physical Chemistry

It may seem inconceivable to couples enjoying their honeymoon together, but physical intimacy will probably fade after a few years together. Still, happy couples find ways to spice up their love life and keep their bedroom activities fresh and exciting. On the other hand, newly married couples who have a tough time establishing a physical connection may want to seek out the help of a medical professional. It’s possible that one or both of you could benefit from medical attention, so don’t hesitate to call your regular doctor or visit a local STD testing facility if need be.

“My Kid Wouldn’t Do that . . .”

If you’re planning to have kids, prepare yourself for an onslaught of awakenings. Though newlyweds probably envision their future children as idyllic little cherubs, the reality is kids can be a handful. So think twice before you roll your eyes at the mom trying to corral her rambunctious children into the mini-van. That just might be you someday sooner than you think!