Let’s forget about the obvious…you know…. the fact that you actually had the baby. Even without that there are many things that are a constant reminder that you are no longer pregnant. The bottom line is you are no longer important. You are no longer the beautiful vessel that is carrying a child. Your needs and wants go out the door and you are back to being a mom. Which is wonderful…don’t get me wrong…but I have to admit it was fun getting taken care of for a bit, and it was fun not feeling guilty asking for help.

When you are pregnant (at least in my experience) people ask you what you want…what you need. Food? Anything I wanted it was mine. You don’t want to cook dinner?? No problem! What are you craving? We will get that! (although this time I didn’t crave anything) Now, almost 6 weeks after having a baby people forget about me. I’m back to cooking dinners and as long as baby is happy things are good. As a matter of fact, I regularly have my baby attached to my boob while I am trying to eat dinner! Food isn’t as enjoyable when you are eating with one hand.

When I was pregnant I felt comfortable asking Captain Awesome to carry the laundry baskets up and down to the basement. You shouldn’t carry heavy things while pregnant! Now, not so much. Now a basket could stay at the bottom of the steps for 3 days! And reality I can do it now…so I do.

Pregnant women get told “put your feet up” and “relax” all the time. Friends baked me cookies and treats, and I must admit it was fun. After the baby arrives people don’t think about that anymore. I am guilty of it too! The baby is always the focus, and that’s how it should be, but still….you gotta admit that coddling is nice!

I must admit Captain Awesome has really stepped up his dad game since baby number 2 arrived. But I can’t help but notice how being pregnant gave me a pass to be a bit selfish. I think it’s more accepted as a society to cater to pregnant women than it is to new moms. Also, I think as a new mom wants to feel like she can do it on her own. That is my problem. I feel like I SHOULD be able to do it all. I find myself asking for more help this second go around than I did the first. You just have to!

Still, it’s nice to be taken care of. But pregnancy is a thing of the past and I have jumped freely into my role as new mom of 2. Kids come first! That’s just what mom’s do.