I am really disappointed with how this Spring is turning out. It had such promise when we had an extremely warm Easter, but from there I believe it went pretty much down hill. Here in New York it was in the 40’s at night on Tuesday night. I mean really? May 11th and the weather is in the 40’s? Do you know where I was Tuesday night? I was at a Mets game. I was wearing multiple layers, two winter coats, a scarf and a blanket. Was I toasty warm in all that? Nope! Not one bit! I sat in the stands FREEZING!  I find this totally unacceptable, and I would personally like to write Mother Nature a letter.

Dear Mother Nature:

I want to personally complain about the weather we have been having. I have been hearing all this talk about global warming, but I have to say that this winter was bitter cold, and now my May has been cold as well. I took the rain in April because people reminded me “April Shower’s Bring May Flowers”. It wasn’t my favorite thing, but I dealt. I dealt with it because I knew that May would bring me some great mild days. I even saw the beautiful robin out of my window to prove that the warm weather was near. See I look forward to the warm weather dear Mother Nature. It is my favorite, and up here in the North East I only get about 4 or 5 months of warm weather out of the 12. Not the best ratio but it is what it is. So if you could do me a solid, and turn this cold May around for the second half I would truly be grateful.


Too cold for Comfort